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RFL Web Do

RFL Web Do is well-known and important because it is used to do everything, from buying RFL products to entering orders. Today’s article is very important for those of you who will buy RFL products or ask for them.

All of the customer service staff at Pran Company and RFL Company must use RFL Web Do to buy products from either company.

All of the customer service staff at Pran Company and RFL Company must use RFL Web Do to buy products from either company.

RFL Web Do Working System

RFL Web Do
RFL Web Do

To work on RFL Web Do, go to this link: runner.rflgroupbd.com, type in your User Name and 6-digit Password, and click the Login button. You can then do all of RFL Web Do’s tasks, such as buying products and entering orders.

Only RFL Sr and Sellers who buy and sell products from RFL Company through RFL Company have access to the www.rfl.web.do web portal. They can do all operations using their 6 digit User ID and Password.

Not only can the RFL company buy products through Pran Web DO, but so can another well-known company in Bangladesh. This is because Pran and RFL both buy and sell products at the same time.

Let’s take a few steps to learn some things, like how to work on pran rfl web do and how you can use your phone to work. Let’s get started right away.

Step 1 :

Visit RFL Web Do website and after visiting you’ll see a webpage like below.

RFL Web Do
RFL Web Do

Step 2 :

You can login using your own 5/6 digit User ID and Password provided by RFL Company. After login with your username and secret password, you’ll see a interface where you can do some things listed below.

RFL Web DO Name RFL Entry Name
Order Entry RFL Order Entry
Active Order RFL Active Order
product info RFL Order Undelivered
Damage Approve status RFL Order Damage Approve status
Damage entry RFL Order Damage entry
MR status RFL Order MR status
Cancel do RFL Order Cancel do
Hidden do RFL Order Hidden do
Incentive offer RFL Order Incentive offer

Runner RFL Web Do 5005 Link

There are only two links on Runner RFL Web Do. The links to the two websites are provided in the form of a box below. You can visit in those two websites from there.

Runner RFL web do Link 1 Click Now
RFL web do Link 2 Click Now

What is RFL Web Do?

Those who work in RFL companies or new jobs may have been told by the office to buy all products and services from RFL Web Do that portal for all your work and product purchases, but you may not know what it is.

Actually, WWW RFL Web Do is a web portal designed to manage all aspects of PRAN-RFL company purchases, including order entry order active damage entry damage active status. It can also only be used by RFLs who are currently employed, as it requires a login with a user id and password.

What is the role of RFL Web Do BD?

Those of you who work for RFL or have joined as SR may have been told about this website. In fact, if you search RFL Web Do BD, the website you will get is basically the website of those who have joined as SR, where you can buy products, make entries, return damage, and so on. I hope you can do it via this website.

As a result, RFL company has provided you with a link to this website as well as a new 5/6 digit user id and password with which you can order all products with login access.

RFL Web Do Order Entry Rules

To enter orders in RFL Web DO, first log in with your personal web ID and password. A new interface will appear. And if you click on the Order Entry button in the left sidebar, you’ll see a new interface similar to the one shown below.

Now, if you click on the Save button and enter the item and quantity number of the product you want to order, you will see the orders and quantities you have made, as shown in the image below.

Please keep in mind that nothing can be written in the note to manually activate your RFL Pran Web Do Order.

Once the Do has been completed correctly, you can now click on check incentive, which will open a new interface where you can verify that your total Do Income and Do incentive are correct. And if there is any shortage of money in Do, you can see and understand it from here as well.

Then check to see if SE 0 is required to complete your Do; if SE is 0, you can proceed with your order. Save your reading for later. The order must then be activated in the following step. Let us now look at how to activate the order.

Order Activation System for RFL Web Do

We have already seen how to enter orders in RFL Pran Web Do, but your order must now be activated in order to reach the office. To activate the order, click on Active Order from the left side corner, as shown in the photo below. You will notice a new user interface.

In this new interface, you can see all the items in the order you just entered with the name. You will see a new interface after clicking on Active All to activate your order entry.

If you’re not sure whether your order is active or not, you can see the date of your order and everything in detail, including the order date number, as shown in the photo below.

And there is no need to call the office to check whether the order has been placed correctly or to check whether the distribution has been done and your order has been activated

What does RFL Web Do Product Info do?


Product Info means that you can see the list of all the products of RFL company here and you can know all the information of those products in detail through this Product Info.

That is, Product Info means if you have placed an order and if the company has activated that order, then if that product is in undelivered condition, you can check through this product info.

In this case, the money you deposited in MR Status is available, as is the bank statement, which is a one-month statement. This is where you will find all of the information.

What does RFL Web Do Undelivered serve?


When you visit the RFL Pran Web DO website, you will see many options, one of which is undelivered, which many of you may be unaware of. It’s visible on the undelivered page.

So, if you entered an order to buy a product and activated it, if those products have not been delivered, you can see or check the list of those products in the undelivered option.

How to Perform RFL Web Damage Entry

All of you who work at RFL know that all damaged products in the shop are returnable, so if the shopkeeper returns any product as damaged, the name and number of that product must be entered in the Damage Entry option.

Because many products will be damaged, you can enter the product name, details, and price in the Damage Entry option, and it will be forwarded to the company as a hearing.

What exactly is the RFL Web Do Damage Approved Status?

Damage Approved Status As previously stated, if a shopkeeper returns a product as damaged, the damage entry of that product must be completed, and if the company approves it, the Damage Approved Status option is provided to check it.

Those of you who submitted a request for damage entry can check the Damage Approved Status option to see if your request was approved.

How RFL Web Do Money is added – Rules for checking RFL Web Do balance

All of you who are working in RFL know that order entry is required for product purchase and balance in pran web DO is required for order entry now if you don’t know how balance is added here then let’s find out from below.

The money you deposit to buy products from RFL Pran Web Do will be deposited in MR first, you can see it from your status option and then your balance will be deposited.

Think if you buy any product from the company then the money of Mr. Dilar will be 4002 ie you can buy the goods for 4002 rupees. And if RFL company is owed to Dilar then you will not see any (-) sign.

Now if you need to complete your order then you have to SR Assign Select your name and product info in SR Assign and send request then your order will be completed.


Dear Friends, What Does RFL Pran Web Do? is the topic of today’s article. And how to do order entry, how to do damage entry, and how to view damage status are all covered in detail. We hope you now have a thorough understanding of RFL Web Due.

Because the PRAN-RFL group is one of the most well-known product or service organizations in Bangladesh, it has a large number of agents and employees, so the pran web DO portal is primarily intended for them. And many people were unaware of the project and how to work here.

So, for your convenience, we have discussed RFL Pran Web Do in detail in today’s article. I hope I have adequately explained everything to you. Still, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section. We will do our best to answer your questions.

I hope you enjoy today’s article; if you do, please share it with your friends or colleagues who are unfamiliar with RFL Web Due so that they can benefit as well. Everyone will be fine, God bless you.

FAQ For RFL Web Do

What is RFL Web Do?

PRAN-RFL Web DO is a web portal for all RFL products including order entry, product info, damage entry, etc.

How do you know if RFL Web Do?

To understand whether the Do is done correctly, go to Active Order and see today’s Date and Item and Do No. Only then will you understand that your duty has been completed correctly.

How to do RFL Web Do Order Entry?

For RFL Order Entry visit RFL official website www.runner.rflgroupbd.com:5005/ login using user ID and password and save with Item and quantity.

How to work on RFL Web Do?

To work on RFL web DO, you can do order entry, active order, undelivered, and damage entry using the user ID and password provided by RFL company.

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